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Precision mechanical welding

Don Foster has a recognized expertise in mechanical welding. Our workshops work on your aeronautical structures, parts and assemblies for the automotive and aeronautical industries.
Our team of certified welders are masters of MIG, TIG, STT and spot welding. We can mechanically weld titanium, stainless steel (including 15CDV6 steel) and aluminium parts. For titanium, we weld using a "glove box" under vacuum to obtain a higher quality.

Mechanical welding and 15CDV6 steel

We have particularly selected 15CDV6 steel to meet your motorsport and aeronautical requirements. This is the best option for solving the technical and economic problems you encounter.
15CDV6 steel lends itself remarkably well to all welding processes: oxyacetylene, electric arc, resistance, electron beam or laser. It can be assembled with neighbouring steel grades such as 25CD4S, but also very different steels or alloys.

Welding on materials in treated condition is just as easy as welding on materials in annealed condition. No preheating is required up to 10mm thick. After welding, there is no excessive hardening of the bead. The annealing effect in the vicinity of the bead (which usually affects the strength of welded steel) is practically imperceptible with 15CDV6 (presence of molybdenum and vanadium). The resistance of the treated metal is maintained intact in the bead and its vicinity.
We can therefore produce homogeneous assemblies with resistances greater than 1,000 Mpa without any requirement for heat treatment.


Mechanized welding of titanium, stainless steel, aluminium.
Welding of all alloys and all steels (including 15CDV6).
TIG, MIG, STT, spot welding.
“Glovebox” type chamber for welding titanium.

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