High-precision metal components and sub-assemblies
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DON FOSTER works on strategic projects in partnership with the arms industry.


Our teams work on missiles programs, drones, aircraft and helicopters. The production of high precision metal components is essential to the success of these projects.


We can produce such items as external or internal missile structures, central navigation frames and small component parts of accelerometers, gyroscopes, etc. Our technicians’ responsiveness, know-how and experience are ideally suited to these requirements.



High precision metal components.

Card magazine for missiles.

Missile structures.

Infrared binoculars bodies.

Central navigation frames.

Infantry equipment elements for the French army.

DON FOSTER - Z.I. Le Coquet - Rue de la Prat 03260 Seuillet
Phone : 04 70 58 03 08 / Fax : 04 70 58 17 58
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